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Product desription

A complete block of synchronous motor excitation power.
Non-contact, transistor layout allowing to switch on the rotor system and enable excitation.
Engine synchronization in selected modes – time, current, frequency.
Automatic boost of the excitation current.
Complete motor protection – including from falling out of synchronism.
Internal reactive power controller – to cooperate with overriding systems of reactive power compensation.
Control from the operator terminal.
Flexibility – the ability to customize the software to suit customer requirements.
Fast service – complete base of spare parts.
100% made in Poland – product in cooperation with Enel-PC.

Main elements of the system

One case contains: a bridge thyristor, transistor circuit to short-circuit resistance starters, the driver with a digital controller, measuring systems and fan. No contact elements.
Easy to read LCD display.
Checking readiness for operation.
Ability to manually control the excitation current or reactive power of the engine.
Internal circuit of excitation forcing.
Internal measuring circuit of: motor current, voltage and power.
The internal data logger.
Quick exchange of the entire system (power and control sections) thanks to special plugs and connectors.
Communication with external systems via Ethernet connection and RS-485.
Product configuration through the diagnostic program via USB.
Separate digital outputs.
Exceiter clock synchronization via NTP network protocol.
Possibility to provide an excitation transformer to match voltage of the excitation circuit parameters.


Reinforcing excitation circuits of synchronous motors with continous current up to 400A for fan drives, compressors, converters of hoisting machines and generators.
Synchronization and control of motors connected directly to the main supply via chokes of any type or cycloconvertors.
Adjusting the excitation current for motors and synchronous generators used in centralized systems for reactive power compensation.
Remote monitoring with event logging of operating parameters of the motor and synchronous generator.

Completed works

2006 TurboCare S.A. Transformer Test Station
2010 Jas-Mos Coal Mine, VI Shaft Ventilation Station.
2011 ZREW Transformator Company Transformer Test Station
2011 Pniówek Coal Mine, III Shaft Ventilation Station
2012 Janina Coal Mine, Zachodni Shaft Ventilation Station
2013 Rudna Copper Mine, Ventila- tion Stations R-V, R-VIII
2013 Piekary Coal Mine, Barbara Shaft Ventilation Station
2013 Murcki-Staszic Coal Mine, V Shaft Ventilation Station
2013 Jankowice Coal Mine, IV Shaft Ventilation Station

ProgressPOWER exceiter is a key element of the genuine complex systems: ProgressFAN (fan control systems) and ProgressCUK (reactive power central compensation system).

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