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Are you preparing to upgrade the main fan ventilation station?

We invite you to look into the genuine control system PROGRESS FAN of our company.

The implementation of this system grants a simple, reliable and safe exploitation with the use of modern software tools. The system can serve all types of fans in any quantity, driven by synchronous or asynchronous motors.

We may present the PROGRESS FAN system in situ working in the mines JSW S.A. or in the Coal Company to everyone interested.

Why choose the PROGRESS FAN system?

• Simple, intuitive fan control via touch screen.
• Registration and storage of all events and operating parameters of the system in digital form.
• Concentration of all elements determining the work station fan in one location.
• Very short time of stopping the fan (1-2 days) during implementation of the system.

Why choose JJA PROGRESS solutions?

• Lack of system failures since the first implementation of the system in 2004.
• 17 years on the electro-energy market with a focus on mining.
• Extensive experience in implementing the PROGRESS FAN system in methane mines.
• A group of solid trusted clients: KGHM SA, JSW SA, Kompania Węglowa (Coal Company) SA, KHW SA, LNG Silesia Sp. o.o., SEJ SA.
• Very good references from contractors.

Technology of the system

• Fully automated work of the fan station.
• Emergency run of the ventilators in safe mode without the computer system.
• The software is always designed according to the specificity of the fans and customs of the crew.
• Cooperation with external IT systems.

Main Elements of the System

• Electrical boards of power drives and auxiliary equipment.
• Control cabinet with industrial controller and computer for visualizations with touch screen.
• Compact thyristor excitation board with a reactive power controller and starter resistance contactless shortcut.
• 6kV inverter to supply the fan motor.
• ACM (Automatics Control Measurements) board for air parameters, database server and real-time server for measurements and events record.
• Cabinet of local control of auxiliary drives.
• Flap drives and air-flow steering apparatus.
• Temperature, pressure, flow and bearings vibration sensors.
• Cameras in fan compartment.

Latest completed implementations of the PROGRESS FAN system.

• 2007 r. KWK Budryk S.A. # II,
• 2007-2008 r. JSW S.A. KWK Pniówek, #IV,
• 2008 r. Kompania Węglowa S.A. KWK Rydułtowy-Anna, # Powietrzny I,
• 2010 r. JSW S.A. KWK Jas-Mos, # Jas IV.

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