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Acoustic cabin designed for industrial applications

Construction modularity – the cabin is quickly and easily assembled at the destination from prefabricated modules.
Individual design – the cabin is designed to meet the clients specific needs.
Durability – our product is made from innovative epoxy laminates.
The ergonomic interior meets the requirements of the Construction Law; all furnishings consitute integral parts of the cabin.
Innovatory form – the cabin has been awarded with prizes for design and published.
Certified components – windows and doors are certified as soundproof (min. 42 dB), dustproof and fire resistant.
The cabin may be installed either indoors or outside.

Technical data
Noise suppression by 30 dB – in the entire frequency range
Weight (for a 3-module, 2-window cabin) – about 2 tons.
Exterior height – 314 cm
Exterior width – 259 cm
Modul length – 100 cm, ring modules jointed with no sound insulation loss.
Partition thickness – 25 cm
Insulation – ROCKWOOL technical mineral wool, density 100-150 kg/m3.
Windows – triple glazing: 44.2 Z F. Akust./20/Float 6mm, Rw=44dB, plastic frames with enhanced acoustics.
Door – PENEDER-HERCULES EI 30, Rw= 38 DB, single door, 900x2010mm, RAL 9010.
Air condition – duct air conditioner ARYF12LA with a cooling capacity of 3,5 kW, low work volume.
Lighting – LED.

Modern, modular and easy to assemble construction allows for quick assembling of the cabins in every location.
The steel skeleton hidden inside the laminate elements ensures sufficient rigidity and strength. Prefabricated modules with a width of 100 cm allow any configuration of the cabin.
The location and number of windows and doors are designed for the customer and can be ordered individually for each cabin.

The innovative design perfectly meets the requirements of modern aesthetics modernizing the image of the workspace while ensuring a higher rigidity of the cabin.
There is a possibility to select any colour or pattern on the outer surface of the cabin.
The laminated surfaces are covered with a special colouring and hardening coating which is resistant to mechanical damage and ensures long life of the cabin and no need for maintenance.

Depending on the needs there are various functional schemes possible.
Excellent interior ergonomics provide users with comfort and space.
The electrical installation and IT are performed in accordance with individual customer requirements.
Materials used – stainless steel, aluminum, laminates – are durable and easy to clean.
The cabin is fully air-conditioned.

The cabin sets new standards in industrial acoustics – insulating layers were selected through acoustic testing and effectively suppress noise by a minimum of 30 dB.
Our original idea of a special insulating layer LGL (laminate-gypsum-laminate) allows efficient damping of low frequency noise.

Completed works
2012 Janina Coal Mine, Zachodni Shaft.
2013 Budryk Coal Mine, II Shaft
2013 Wujek Coal Mine, Main Fan Ventilation Station.

Prizes and publications
2011 Special Prize SILESIAN ICON organized by Zamek Cieszyn.
2013 Publication in the album “Polish Design: UNCUT” The best of Polish
design 21 c.

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